The Hikurangi Business Association exists to promote and support business and community groups in the Hikurangi region, which includes the Hikurangi township as well as the wider community including Hukerenui, Towai and the coastal areas of Whananaki and Helena Bay.


The Hikurangi Business Association was formed in 2007 as a forum for local businesses to learn and support each other. HBA is a means of collectively understanding issues around Hikurangi and lobby for solutions.


It aims to:

– support existing businesses in and around Hikurangi and to attract new business

– improve the understanding of local issues

– take on district projects as a united group with a range of skills

– influence Regional plans, WDC Structure Plans and LTCCP

In essence HBA aims to work alongside businesses, community groups and local authorities to improve the fortunes of the Hikurangi Township.

Click here if you wish to join us, require more information and/or wish to promote your organisation.

Click here if you wish to join us, require more information and/or wish to promote your organisation.​

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Council Roading Changes.


The HBA has been contacting the council to ask for some answers in regards to the reasoning behind the recent painted lines and other road works completed through the main township of Hikurangi.  Here's what we know:


Correspondence with Council including Road Plans:  CLICK HERE

Letter sent to Council September 2020  CLICK HERE


Latest Reply from Council   -  Received 12/10/2020

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for contacting the Whangarei District Council regarding the new pedestrian crossing. The Roading Team have reviewed your request and the project engineer has advised that one of the drivers for the safety improvements in Hikurangi was speed management. Motorists should slow down when approaching a zebra crossing and let pedestrians cross but also pedestrians need to be patient and only cross if they have made eye contact with the driver.

Council will be making some changes to the island to allow better visibility for pedestrians.


We understand that the community was interested to have the zebra as a raised platform, however with these roads still acting as an NZTA detour and as an over dimension route this method was discounted.


The annual remark is currently being undertaken as part of our maintenance contract in the next few weeks.


Our engineer has engaged a local consultant to undertake a final safety audit of the site to confirm if there are any items that warrant further attention. Until this is completed no further works will be undertaken and the current markings are the standards for zebra crossings (i.e. there is no more or less that can be done here).



Hilary MalcolmCustomer Service Administrator – Roading| Northland Transportation Alliance

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