What To Do

Waro Limestone Scenic Reserve.

The Waro Limestone scenic reserve is rich in history.  The word ‘Waro’ means coal in Maori, which is appropriate as it was the most important coal mining area in the north.  By 1925 there were at least five coal mines in the reserve area.

Waro Limestone Scenic Walk.

This 20 minute walk takes you around amazing limestone formations and follows a historic tramline route.  While following the walkway you will notice a raised platform on the northern side of the rocks – this is the route of the horse drawn tramline.  Waro is one of the best examples of limestone formations in Northland,  it’s a must see!
Pop in on your way up north, the track begins from the council car park on State Highway 1, just north of Hikurangi, it is also an easy walk from the town centre.  There are informative signs that explain the geological formations.

Waro Lake

Waro Lake is formed from an old limestone quarry which operated between 1922 and 1974.  The Limeworks quarried 26-27 tonnes of limestone a day which was then railed through to Portland, Whangarei.

In 1974 the quarry was closed and gifted to the Whangarei District Council, and the ‘Friends of Lake Waro’ community group was formed.  This group has helped with the restoration of the area, planting native trees and creating a walkway.  Today there are numerous swimming spots, picnic areas, and a skate park, it’s a great place to stop and enjoy the sunshine.