Meet the Candidates - Sep 18th in Hikurangi Hall 

The Hikurangi Business Association will be hosting a meet the candidates evening on September 18 from 6pm at Hikurangi Memorial Hall.

All welcome. It's your chance to know who you're voting for

The Hikurangi Business Association


There are a number of community organisations working to make Hikurangi a better place such as Revive Hikurangi and Friendship House. The Hikurangi Business  Association works in partnership with these organisations with the prime...

Business of the month - August


HBA congratulate WholeyHealth! as the Business of the Month winner for August. Well done Jocelyn & Ian.

WholeyHealth! is not-for-profit and is not a “health shop” is a Community Market space with a “Think Global, Act Local” kaupapa....


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Welcome to historic Hikurangi.


Hikurangi is a small township fifteen minutes north of Whangarei.  It is the gateway to the Tutukaka coast and the perfect place to stop for a coffee on your way North.  Hikurangi is a name used in many parts of New Zealand because it commemorates a well-known peak in Hawaiki, from where Maori migrated.

In 1875 a road to Whangarei was established and Hikurangi became a timber milling centre. It further flourished in 1894 when coal mining began in the area.  Today it is still a small busy community as a service centre to the local farming areas of Hukerenui, Opuawhanga, Marua, Puhipuhi, Whakapara and Towai plus the neighbouring coastal area of Helena Bay.  The town has a primary school, two churches an historic pub, a number of early childhood centres, sports facilities, four square, beauty salons and even a museum.

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LIVE A WHOLE LIFE THAT DOESN'T COST THE EARTH41 King Street, Hikurangi  |  0211833747  |  FB:  The HBA Business of the month award recognises businesses in our local Hikurangi community that have been making a noticeable effort in marketing their business, driving growth and are inspirational in our region. HBA congratulate WholeyHealth! as the Business of the Month winner for August. ​Your Co-operative Village MarketWhole Health. Whole Food. Whole Life.Many in and around Hikurangi will have visited the WholeyHealth! shop on King Street, Hikurangi. If you haven't - you really should. Jocelyn and Ian are the force behind this successful and bustling local business. Jocelyn is always welcoming when you enter, energetic, bubbly and full of passion for encouraging people to eat healthy and live sustainably. Ian also works tirelessly behind the scenes and keeps the cogs turning.Jocelyn (AKA: Nurse Jos!) is always willing to give advice, share her healthy recipes and constantly asks for customer feedback and ideas. Opportunities are always top-of-mind and Ian and Jocelyn are constantly developing their business - workshops, shared spaces and new products around every corner.WholeyHealth! is not-for-profit and is not a “health shop” is a Community Market space with a “Think Global, Act Local” kaupapa. Simplicity and aroha for people and the planet are at it’s heart - improved health and wellbeing are just natural bi-products!A whole, happy and healthy life shouldn’t cost the earth!Every dollar spent at WholeyHealth! supports the local economy, the environment, and provides a fair price to producers both here and down the supply chain - while keeping your grocery and gift-buying bill affordable - and your pantry healthy. The “feel good” factor is free!Paper bags, boomerang bags, recycled containers and “bring and fill” for pantry items are all part of our waste management strategy. The shop is decorated using environmentally friendly products and coverings, and, we have kept the village feel to this cosy and very old building that was once a blacksmiths. Nothing in it is straight and we like it that way.Do visit WholeyHealth! at 37-41 King St, Hikurangi. You will find locally made products, gifts, craft, and fresh produce - as spray-free or organic as possible. Supply is local first! 

August Real EstateMarket Update

What Real Estate slow down?Alex Smits - 0212736975Specialising in lifestyle & country real estate in the wide Hikurangi regionBayleys Whangarei If you believe what you see and hear in the press you would think that the real estate market was in a slow down - but you would be wrong!I have never been so busy as I have been in the last month. I've completed contracts on two bareblocks, two lifestyle properties and a 40ha development property. Added to this is that June and July were record months for Bayleys in the North AND Bayleys have just completed their best financial year ever!There are more real estate transactions occurring, however buyers are a little more reserved. In this type of market it's important that you have a good plan and make sure you promote your property in the right market.  If you are thinking of selling then please call me for a no obligation conversation. Alex Smits - Bayleys WhangareiCountry & Lifestyle Sales Specialist.Specialising in the wider Hikurangi region.P: 0212736975 .  E: @AlexSmitsBayleys ​


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