Community Services

The Hikurangi community is a very active and passionate bunch of people! There are a wide range of services available for everyone to be a part of.

If you would like to include your community service on here, or to update the information below please email



Hikurangi Police Station - 3 Valley Road

Hikurangi Museum


Plunket - Room is on King Street next to Friendship House & Hall


Doctors Clinic


Healthy Hikurangi Trust - meet on 2nd Wednesday every month at 6:30pm in the Hikurangi Library. Contact Neil 4338537

Maori Wardens

Hikurangi Lions


Opuawhanga Hall - available for hire. Contact Allen & Sheree Imeson -

Marua Hall - available for hire

Whakapara Hall - available for hire



Hikurangi Village Church

Anglican Church Services

Hikurangi Catholic Church

Hikurangi Christian Fellowship



"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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