UPDATE:  11 September 2020


A group of community sports club members have had a meeting where a sports hub or sportsville model has been introduced and discussed.  Clubs will discuss ideas and options at their next meetings and bring feedback to the next Sports Community Meeting.  


September Meeting Minutes: CLICK HERE


NEXT MEETING: MONDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 7PM VENUE: Hikurangi Bowling Club


UPDATE:  21 October 2020


The last meeting was based around a "working better together collaboratively" and this was recognised as an important aspect to the future of sport in Hikurangi.  The focus of the next meeting is:  purpose, MOU's, Visions, Goals  -  What do we think collaboration should look like for clubs in Hikurangi?




UPDATE: 13 November 2020


The latest Sports Collective meeting has recently been held and the general discussion was based around the continuation of the "sportville" model and a proposed timetable for how this looks to develop over the coming months.  Find the relevant details below:

Meeting Minutes: October 2020 CLICK HERE

Proposed Timeline: CLICK HERE


NEXT MEETING:  Monday 23rd November, 6PM, VENUE: Hikurangi Rugby Club


UPDATE: 2 December 2020


The latest Sports Collective meeting differed from the agenda of addressing and discussing the proposed timeline.  Instead, discussions took place around the future of sports in Hikurangi and what this looks like for the clubs, volunteers, committees, and clubrooms/venue's etc.  A general consensus was reached that a new sporting facility is sought for Hikurangi and the various clubs need to be involved and motivated to bring that to reality.  It was agreed to take a break over summer and to hold the next meeting in February with the request that at least one member from each sports club attend, and the goal is to set up a steering committee to progress the proposed plans for both the sports facility and club connectiveness.  The invitation statement is as follows:


"The Hikurangi Sports Coalitions requests all sports and community groups to come together to develop a long term sports strategy, with a vision to build a new sports facility, and increase sporting opportunities within the urban and rural Hikurangi district.  Our goals also include increased funding improved volunteer support, and effective communication".


Meeting Minutes: November 2020 CLICK HERE


Next Meeting:  Monday 22nd February 6pm @ Hikurangi Rugby Club




The Hikurangi Sports Collective would like to become a formal steering group with the following purpose:


The Hikurangi Sports Collective requests all sports and community groups to come together to develop a long-term sports strategy, with a vision to build a new sports facility, and to increase sporting opportunities within the urban and rural Hikurangi district.  Our goals also include increased funding, improved volunteer support, and effective communication.


If you are an individual in our community and you see the value in our purpose, please let us know that you will be attending the next meeting.  If you are a club member then please discuss with your club, the need to send a delegate.  If you would like more information, please contact Ryan Maraki, Sport Northland.  027 588 5867


Next Meeting:  Monday 3 May 2021, 7pm @ Rugby Club.


hikurangi sports club collective

Back in March (pre-lockdown) Sport Northland held a meeting in the Memorial Hall to discuss potential projects in the Hikurangi community. There was discussion around a Sports Hub and a few smaller projects in the community. But in general it was agreed that a collective way forward was important.


"clubs working better together to provide more/better opportunities for the community"


I’d like to hold another meeting to continue to look at ways in which clubs could work together across common areas, some examples: Calendar alignment, reciprocal social event support, combined memberships, combined applications for funding, sharing of resources.


UPDATE: 20 August 2020


This is what you have told us in the last 18 months.  Is this accurate?  Is this what You want to do in YOUR community?  How can you make it happen?  WHO wants to get on board?  WHO wants to help make these things happen?  Is there anything happening now that's now on this list?  Here's what you've said so far:



"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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