UPDATE:  11 September 2020


A group of community sports club members have had a meeting where a sports hub or sportsville model has been introduced and discussed.  Clubs will discuss ideas and optons at their next meetings and bring feedback to the next Sports Community Meeting.  


September Meeting Minutes: CLICK HERE



hikurangi sports club collective

Back in March (pre-lockdown) Sport Northland held a meeting in the Memorial Hall to discuss potential projects in the Hikurangi community. There was discussion around a Sports Hub and a few smaller projects in the community. But in general it was agreed that a collective way forward was important.


"clubs working better together to provide more/better opportunities for the community"


I’d like to hold another meeting to continue to look at ways in which clubs could work together across common areas, some examples: Calendar alignment, reciprocal social event support, combined memberships, combined applications for funding, sharing of resources.


UPDATE: 20 August 2020


This is what you have told us in the last 18 months.  Is this accurate?  Is this what You want to do in YOUR community?  How can you make it happen?  WHO wants to get on board?  WHO wants to help make these things happen?  Is there anything happening now that's now on this list?  Here's what you've said so far:



"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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