Appendix 2


The original 2010 proposed map is our Appendix 2, and as you will note, we have removed the go karts, speedway, rifle range, and pistol range from the 2021 proposal.

​Appendix 3

Appendix 3 is the 2012 Noise feasibility study which was based of speedway and go kart noise to direct nearby residents.  With these sports now being removed from the 2021 proposal it makes this feasibility study a little less valid, however it is still available for public viewing. 

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Appendix 4

Appendix 4 is the 2011 Ecology Feasibilty study which looks at all the different types of animal and plant life that would be effected on the property if the development was to go ahead.  Some of this would still be relevant today so worth a look. 

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Gomez Park Proposal 2021

In 2010 an idea was presented to HBA by WDC to use a significant sized piece of land located on Gomez Road as a Motorsport and Outdoor Recreation Park.  The Park was never approved by the community but has remained on the HBA agenda for the last 10 years as a project worth revising, adapting, and readdressing.  In 2021 the HBA has begun to work on a new proposal that is in it's very early stages.  To date a proposal has been drafted which is to be presented to the local community, interested community groups, possible sports facilitators, and then on to WDC for further consideration and consultation.


Attached below is the draft proposal for public viewing.  The plan set out for the proposal process is as follows:

  • Draft to go directly to affected residential properties and be issued for public display = April 2021
  • Meeting for affected residents to attend = 18 May 2021
  • Meeting for wider public = 3 June 2021
  • Survey to be issued to community  = 7 June 2021


To view the draft plan, click here.

Below is an overview of the appendices within the proposal:


Appendix 1

The property in discussion is a 186ha piece of council owned land currently not in use.  The proposal is to use a portion of it, as outlined below, for a variety of recreational sports.  Use the colour code below to understand the map:

  • pink lines = border of the property
  • orange lines = proposed area for archery course and target shooting
  • blue lines = proposed area for multi-purpose track including horse treks, trail rides, mountain biking, and 4wd's
  • purple lines = proposed area for walking/running tracks
  • green lines = proposed car park and access points from Gomez Road

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