Hikurangi has a long standing business history from back in the days when it was independent from Whangarei and was a coal mining and logging based village as well as a dairy factory.  As a fully self serving village it contained butcheries, dairies, service stations, and all sorts of other businesses that helped keep the village self functioning.  When the bypass was put in around xxxx it saw a huge change in the traffic flow through Hikurangi and the business industry slowly started fading away.  The Hikurangi Business Association was officially formed and in 2009 by a group of local business owners as a forum for local businesses to network and discuss their services and contributions to the local community in the hopes it would be a thriving community for the future generations.  With a rich history in being supporters and donators for projects and events in the community, the HBA has a long standing commitment to the betterment of the village as a place to work, live, and visit.  The HBA has been responsible for bringing many events and projects into the Hikurangi Community and was the primary group who defined the need for Hikurangi to work better with local council and other local groups, so after much pressure put on council a shared vision for the community was developed through a Placemaking Plan.  This led HBA to engage it's first paid contractor to dedicate their time to ensuring the vision for the community is at the forefront of focus and is being consistently prioritized within the community.  Alongside the dedication to supporting the village itself, the local business owners who meet monthly also take the opportunity to network and discuss what they have going on and support each other with any endeavours they have.  


 The HBA is an Incorporated Society that currently retains around 30 members.  The members make up the foundation of the Association and are usually active contributors to the discussions that take place about projects and events that HBA manages in the community.  The HBA has an Executive Committee made up of up to 9 members, which oversee the operational side of the Association and govern the group in terms of rules and financial accountability.  The HBA meets monthly on the second Wednesday of every month, usually at 7pm and the location varies dependent on availability and requirements.  The HBA abides by the constitution that was created and adpoted when it was incorporated, and is answerable to the Companies Office where all Incorporated Societies file their annual information to remain registered.  A copy of the constitution can be found here, however this is due to be updated with the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022.  Some amendments have been made to work towards the new criteria, you can find these here and here.  If you would like to inquire about becoming a member or attending a meeting, please contact the secretary at hba@hikurangi.co.nz.


Meet the HBA Executive Committee:




The HBA have a number of projects that have been on their agenda for some time that they wish to complete in the community.  Since engaging the Community Development Manager these projects are done completed as a collaboration and community input will be sought at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.  The projects below are listed in the order they appeared on HBA agenda in the last few years:

  •  Trail Ride Extension  -  (CDM Project #8)  
  • Community Cameras/CCTV  -  (CDM Project #7)
  • Public Parking in Township  -  (CDM Project #4.1)
  • Hikurangi Link Bus  -  (CDM Project #3)
  • Residential Parking on Valley Road  -  (CDM Project 4.7)
  • Hikurangi as Tourism Destination
  • CDM Role
  • Covid Response Plan  -  (CDM Project #1)
  • Hikurangi Signage  -  (CDM Project #16)
  • Hikurangi Street Markets
  • EV Charging Station
  • Hikurangi Streetscape  -  (CDM Project #15)
  • Shared Path Extension  -  (CDM Project #18)






 The overall vision and mission of the HBA remains to be the ongoing commitment and focus of the economy, environmental development, infrastructure, recreation and tourism, and growth opportunities.  Businesses aim to use their expertise, donations, and connections to work towards the betterment of the village and the district as a whole.  The specific objectives of the Association are: to create and maintain a planned economy and  strong community for the mutual benefit of those who choose to invest, work, live, and visit the district;  to represent a united voice with regards to the community's future that will seek to ensure key decisions regarding local economy, environment and socio-cultural development are initiated and driven by the district; to ensure there is a planned infrastructure that is appropriate to support business, recreation, and tourism; to identify, explore, and support growth opportunities. 

Welcome to 








Name:  Wayne Fowell

Role:  Chairman

Member Since: 

Business:  Auto Focus 

Community Involvement: Trail Ride Extension sub-committee, Hikurangi Xmas Parade participant, Hikurangi Fireworks organizer, Hikurangi Community Dinner organizer, KNZB Cleanup volunteer, Hikurangi Matariki Volunteer, regular sponsor


Name:  Wendy Hamer

Role: Vice Chairman

Member Since: 2023

Business:  Village Vintage Treasure

Community Involvement: Main Street business representative reporting to HBA, Streetscape project collaborator


Name:  Cory Haslam

Role: Secretary

Member Since: 

Business:  SureFlo Drainage and Plumbing

Community Involvement: Hikurangi Volunteer Fire Brigade, Hikurangi Friendship House Trustee, Hikurangi Civil Defence Chairman, KNZB Cleanup volunteer, Hikurangi Parade participant, Trail Ride Extension sub-committee, regular sponsor


Name:  Vicky Humphreys

Role: Treasurer

Member Since: 


Community Involvement: Hikurangi Friendship House Treasurer &Trustee, Hikurangi Parade participant, Trail Ride Extension sub-committee, Children's Lighthouse Playgroup Treasurer, Hikurangi Easter Event organizer, Hikurangi Library Manager & Volunteer, Hikurangi Seed Library Founder & Manager, Hikurangi Website Apps Administrator


Name:  Shayn Rouse

Role: Executive Committee Officer

Member Since: 2009

Business:  Rouse Motorcycles

Community Involvement: Hikurangi Xmas Parade participant, Trail Ride Extension sub-committee & Volunteer, Hikurangi Fireworks Volunteer, Hikurangi International Rally of Whangarei Volunteer, Hikurangi Community Dinner Volunteer, Regular Sponsor


Name:  Alex Smits

Role: Executive Committee Officer

Member Since: 

Business:  Alex Smits Real Estate Agent  -  Ray White 

Community Involvement: Hikurangi Sports Project Control Group Chairman, International Rally of Whangarei Volunteer, Regular Sponsor


Name:  Jerram Bain

Role: Executive Committee Officer

Member Since: 

Business:  Northland Car Carers 

Community Involvement: International Rally of Whangarei Refuel Volunteer, Hikurangi Volunteer Fire Brigade, Hikurangi Civil Defence Emergency Services Liaison, Hikurangi Auto Madness Organizer, HIkurangi Fireworks Volunteer, Hikurangi Xmas Parade Participant



Name:  Terry Haslam

Role: Executive Committee Officer

Member Since: 

Business:  Store Safe 

Community Involvement:  Hikurangi Xmas Parade Participant, Regular Sponsor

The HBA have over the last few years had a number of projects initiated through their members that have either been completed and closed by the HBA or have been set up and handed over to a different entity, often ones that are more suited to the kaupapa of the project.  Below you can find lists of projects initiatied and either handed over or completed in the last 3 years:



  • Civil Defence Committee -  Handed over to Friendship House (CDM Project #12)
  • Sports Hub  -  Handed over to Sports Project Control Group (CDM Project #6)
  • Hikurangi Shuttle  -  Handed over to Friendship House (CDM Project #2) 



  •  Steering group set up to bring Placemaking Plan to Hikurangi
  • "Saving Hikurangi Police Station" campaign
  • Community flowchart for better community group networking and collaboration
  • Streetlight extension on Park Street
  • Development and management of Hikurangi website
  • Fundraising trail rides
  • Library new books sponsorship
  • Playgroup mentoring
  • Developing and managing community 0800 freephone service
  • Hazardous footpath surface outside public toilets
  • Hikurangi Bus Link
  •  Hikurangi Covid Response
  • Lake Waro Road repairs
  • CCTV village upgrade
  • 4 Square Hikurangi website sign and QR code
  • Central Village community housing appeal


The HBA has a big passion for using it's strengths and resources to give back to the community in a way that benefits locals and those who visit, through hands on work, volunteering of time, and donations/sponsorships.  HBA has become a leader amongst the community groups in recent years due to the passion and commitment of growing local events through quality event management and group collaboration.  Below are lists of events within the village that HBA hosts for the community as well as events HBA supports other entities in hosting and are active contributors either by way of volunteering hours or funds:



  • Hikurangi Markets
  • Hikurangi "Meet the Councillors" Event
  • Hikurangi Fireworks
  • Hikurangi Community Dinner
  • Hikurangi Trail Ride
  • International Rally of Whangarei "Meet the Drivers" Event
  • International Rally of Whangarei "Crows Nest Rd" Special Stage
  • KNZB Cleanup



  • Hikurangi Christmas Parade & Festival
  • Hikurangi ANZAC Parade and Service
  • Hikurangi Matariki Event 
  • Auto Madness


"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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