August Real Estate

Market Update

What Real Estate slow down?

Alex Smits - 0212736975

Specialising in lifestyle & country real estate in the wide Hikurangi region
Bayleys Whangarei


If you believe what you see and hear in the press you would think that the real estate market was in a slow down - but you would be wrong!

I have never been so busy as I have been in the last month. I've completed contracts on two bareblocks, two lifestyle properties and a 40ha development property. Added to this is that June and July were record months for Bayleys in the North AND Bayleys have just completed their best financial year ever!

There are more real estate transactions occurring, however buyers are a little more reserved. In this type of market it's important that you have a good plan and make sure you promote your property in the right market.  If you are thinking of selling then please call me for a no obligation conversation.


Alex Smits - Bayleys Whangarei

Country & Lifestyle Sales Specialist.

Specialising in the wider Hikurangi region.

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