Congratulations to Shayn Rouse and the team and Rouse Motorcycles. Chairperson Alex Smits nominated Shayn as the Business of the Month winner for November through to December.


"Shayn is a stalwart of the Hikurangi community. He's been in his motorbike business for coming up 27 years and, in my time in Hikurangi and the HBA, I see first-hand how much he invests in our region and supports the local community. If there's a community fundraiser or event happening you can pretty much guarantee that Shayn and his team at Rouse Motorcycles will be involved in some capacity. He never bats and eyelid when it comes to helping out others. I nominated Shayn because he deserves to be recognised and is, quite frankly - a bloody good bugger!" - Alex Smits, Chairman, Hikurangi Business Association.


Shayn and Jan Rouse founded Rouse Motorcycles Ltd in 1993 and the business has continued to grow steadily over the years. We all see the business on the corner of George & King Street in Hikurangi. He has employed more people in and around our region than anyone else over the past 27 years. There's not a kid in Hikurangi who hasn't squealed in the car when they drive past the motorbikes on the curb "Can we buy that one with the bars mum?" or "I'm going to get a 2-wheeler one day eh mum?" As a matter of fact - there's a few kids who have now grown up and are on the payroll!


Rouse Motorcyles has been around for decades already and we all look forward to continuing to see them around for decades to come.


Rouse Motorcycles have some great sales on for Christmas on a range of Polaris kids bikes. There's also good deals on their 2019 models.



Rouse Motorcycles has been in business for over 25 years and is a one stop shop where you can purchase your new MX, quad bike, have your bike serviced and source a wide range of parts.

"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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