Help Keep Hikurangi Community Police Officer 

HBA is urging community members, local business, and any one else wanting to get involved to send letters of support to back our position on keeping the Hikurangi Police station staffed with a permanent community officer. 


After the retirement of long-time Police Officer Russell Rawiri, the NZ Police have not replaced his positions and this means soon our policing issues will be staffed by the Kamo Police Office.


As a community it is important to have a local Police Officer stationed in our town who knows the locals and is the main point of contact for all police inquiries within our community.


Please support us by writing letters of support and posting/emailing  them to:


-Matt King (MP)

93 Kerikeri Road

Kerikeri 0230


-Shane Reti (MP)

105 Lower Cameron Street

Whangarei 0110


-Tony Hill (District Commander Superintendent)

Whangarei Police

Private Bag 9016

Whangarei 0110


Alternatively if you would rather email a letter of support to us, you can do so and I can forward it on, send your letter to:



Find below a copy of the letter drafted by HBA that you can copy and paste the text if you like.  CLICK HERE for the editable Microsoft Word version.




Police have confirmed they will hold a public meeting at the Hikurangi Bowling Club on Friday 6th November at 10am.  The purpose of the meeting is for police to engage with the community and inform residents of their plans for the future of police staff and the police station in Hikurangi.  Anyone is welcome to attend and there will be time allowed for public to ask questions.   




The police recently held a meeting in Hikurangi and have given us an update as to the future of policing in our district.  


Statement from Rural Response Manager Rob Huys:

"Northland Police are committed to providing an excellent service to the Hikurangi community and are currently in the process of selecting two new members to fill current vacancies.  The selection process will take approximately two months and the new members are expected to be on the deck towards the end of this year, or, failing that, early in the new year.  The new members will be expected to live in or near Hikurangi.  We look forward to arranging a get-together to welcome the new members into the community, once everything is in place.  In the meantime, temporary coverage arrangements remain in place and in addition to this, further support will be provided by Whangarei Police as and when required."


The police meeting was live streamed up to the Hikurangi Business Association facebook page, and can be found there if public want to view.  The main points are:

  • Hikurangi will get two new officers of certain status to police the whole Hikurangi District;
  • The two officers will live in or within a certain distance to the Hikurangi district;
  • The two officers will work a flexible roster to ensure the communities needs are met;
  • The officers are likely to be in place around Christmas time or at the latest, before the end of January;
  • There will be a community welcoming for the new officers:
  • The police house will remain untenanted whilst the Police look into whether the property will be utilised by Police in the future:
  • The Police Station will remain in Hikurangi;




We have had a few inquiries regarding when the new police officers will be starting.  We have heard back from Sargeant Paul Nicholas who informs us:

"I can tell you that one officer officially started on 08/02/2021 but is owed a few days for working Waitangi so will be on the ground 15/02/2021. 

The second officer will start duty 22/03/2021 after she finishes her current role with the Police Maritime Unit. 

At some point we will arrange for a community meet and greet so all residents get a chance to meet the team."




Great news for the community of Hikurangi in securing two new officers to cover our district.  Both officers are now named and are actively working in the community.  Pete Thomas (who has policed in Hikurangi before) and Lisa Magnusson are our new officers, and the Hikurangi Business Association is hosting a "Meet and Greet" for our two new officers on Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 4pm at the Hikurangi Bowling Club.  Anyone in the Hikurangi district is invited to attend to meet our new officers and ask any questions you may have.  For a description of Policing in Hikurangi District, please find the Police link in the "Community Services" tab of this website. 




"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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