Appendix 2


The original 2010 proposed map is our Appendix 2, and as you will note, we have removed the go karts, speedway, rifle range, and pistol range from the 2021 proposal.

​Appendix 3

Appendix 3 is the 2012 Noise feasibility study which was based of speedway and go kart noise to direct nearby residents.  With these sports now being removed from the 2021 proposal it makes this feasibility study a little less valid, however it is still available for public viewing. 

To view Appendix 3 Click Here


Appendix 4

Appendix 4 is the 2011 Ecology Feasibilty study which looks at all the different types of animal and plant life that would be effected on the property if the development was to go ahead.  Some of this would still be relevant today so worth a look. 

To view Appendix 4 Click Here



HBA has recently held two public meetings within Hikurangi to seek feedback on the Gomez Park proposal that has been presented. Our first meeting was for the residents of Gomez Road and immediately surrounding roads.  There were 23 in attendance and lots of valuable feedback was received.  Our second meeting was for members of the public who were interested in the project, and 14 people were in attendance, of which 8 were residents of Gomez Road or immediately surrounding roads.  Feedback has now been collated and alongside the feedback from the surveys being issued this month, will be used to edit the proposal before going out for a second round of community discussion.  


The Gomez Road residents survey will be available on Monday 21st August, closing Tuesday 31st August at 9pm.  ONLY people that reside on Gomez Road, Longs Road, Toia Way, or between 85 to 335 Marua Road are requested to complete this survey.  


The public survey will be available on Monday 28th June closing Tuesday 31st August at 9pm.  Anyone interested in this project regardless of location, are requested to complete this survey.  You may complete this survey if you are also a Gomez Road resident and completed the resident survey above. 


Links to the surveys will be posted below as they are available:

Gomez Residents Survey CLICK HERE

Public Survey  CLICK HERE


A meeting for interested sports clubs and community groups will be held on Thursday 8th July at 6.30pm in the Hikurangi Hall.  If you are a part of a community group or sports club who are interested in the fundraising or sporting opportunities available in this project then please come along and have your say.  This will be an open forum discussion with a brief presentation of the proposal at the start.  



All public meetings have been held and model aviation is interested in joining the proposed sports.  Research will continue into needs from residents and possible beneficiaries (sports and clubs etc) from this proposal.  Survey has been extended due to minimal responses received from immediate residents. 



Survey extended again until the end of the month to seek further feedback.  Proposed additions to the proposal including downsizing potential sports and disruption to land, after feedback from residents received and reviewed.  Next step is for resident groups and HBA to meet with WDC to outline bottom lines for the land and see if a shared vision can be reached. 



Review of concerns taking place to issue raised around WDC LTP funding of $30,000 towards project, what it is for and who requested it.  History to be looked in to as to where submissions came from for funding and by who.  Ongoing research to be done into this matter. 



Discussions around the urgency of raising funds for local community groups that are struggling.  Funding coming harder to secure due to covid and the general state of the economy.  Agreement by HBA that a community trail ride will be looked into on private land to try and help with these funding issues.  Not predicted to take place until at least 2022.


Meeting held at WDC chambers between WDC, HBA, GRASS, and FOGOFF to discuss future possibilities of the land in discussion.  Points raised for HBA to take back to committee and discuss further. 


Meeting Minutes CLICK HERE

GRASS response to latest proposal CLICK HERE



Discussions around implications for Three Waters, and acknowledgements around past wrong doings relating to Gomez land and the importance of transparency and working alongside residents.  Currently awaiting FOGOFF proposal for land.  Agreement within HBA to narrow down focus of proposal to bottom lines and allow room for other groups to be able to utilise land and put in their own proposals if wanting to.  Reiteration by HBA that the underlying goal is to benefit the wider community and work collaboratively to meet everyone's needs. 



Discussions around governing committee to manage proposals presented for the land.  Trial trail ride going ahead in March 2022 which is "run by the community, for the community" and will be operated on private farm land based off Valley Road.  



Discussions around the inclusion of using Matariki Forest as well as Gomez land and whether this is acceptable to the forest managers.  Research to be done into this. Reasoning being the Community Trail Ride in March was deemed too short by the riders but HBA is not seeking 20-30km of Gomez land to top up the distance.  



New proposal drafted for HBA to acknowledge the bottom lines and to present to public before WDC.  Intentions for further public meetings to present and discuss final proposal prior to WDC consultation.  



Final proposal approved by HBA committee, to go to public consultation Thursday 4th August 2022 7pm @ Hikurangi Hall.


Final Proposal CLICK HERE


Please keep an eye on this web page for all updated information.  


Gomez Park Proposal 2021

In 2010 an idea was presented to HBA by WDC to use a significant sized piece of land located on Gomez Road as a Motorsport and Outdoor Recreation Park.  The Park was never approved by the community but has remained on the HBA agenda for the last 10 years as a project worth revising, adapting, and readdressing.  In 2021 the HBA has begun to work on a new proposal that is in it's very early stages.  To date a proposal has been drafted which is to be presented to the local community, interested community groups, possible sports facilitators, and then on to WDC for further consideration and consultation.


Attached below is the draft proposal for public viewing.  The plan set out for the proposal process is as follows:

  • Draft to go directly to affected residential properties and be issued for public display = April 2021
  • Meeting for affected residents to attend = 20 May 2021
  • Meeting for wider public = 3 June 2021
  • Survey to be issued to community  = 7 June 2021


To view the draft plan, click here.

Below is an overview of the appendices within the proposal:


Appendix 1

The property in discussion is a 186ha piece of council owned land currently not in use.  The proposal is to use a portion of it, as outlined below, for a variety of recreational sports.  Use the colour code below to understand the map:

  • pink lines = border of the property
  • orange lines = proposed area for archery course and target shooting
  • blue lines = proposed area for multi-purpose track including horse treks, trail rides, mountain biking, and 4wd's
  • purple lines = proposed area for walking/running tracks
  • green lines = proposed car park and access points from Gomez Road

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