HIkurangi Tennis Season 2022

Hikurangi Tennis Club is looking to build it's profile in the community in 2022 and has a bunch of new offers for the community over the summer tennis season.


Now operating from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023 is our summer tennis season where anyone can come along and play tennis for free on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings between 3pm to 7pm.  You must bring your own racket and balls and please wear appropriate footwear.  Toilets are available for use across the road at the entrance to the rugby grounds. 


We also hire out keys if you would prefer to play at your own leisure in hours that suit you better.  Key hire costs vary depending what month of the year you join but as a guide, our summer season from October to March is $80 for the key which includes a $20 refundable bond when key is returned.  If you want to apply for a key our application form can be found HERE, it also lists our rules for using the turf. 


We have just created a new facebook page so please find it and like and share!

"Bringing the Hikurangi Community Together"


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