Hikurangi community shuttle

Book your shuttle-ride for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 9am to 4pm
ph/text 021 616 755 or

email friendship@hikurangi.co.nz


Monday and Wednesday trips got to Whangarei and back; do you have a hospital or physio appointment, or need to go to the pharmacy, WINZ, get to a course or workplace, even if you want to shop. Book the Hikurangi shuttle.


Tuesdays are for local Hikurangi trips or planned tours. You can book a seat as an individual, or get a group together to book multiple seats.
Some examples:

- local places of interest tour ie: Hikurangi museum, Hikurangi library, Jack Morgan museum,
- garden tours,

- op shop/antique shop tour,

- visit local beaches,

- go to a festival or event,

- town basin day out, etc


Community Groups can hire the shuttle for a group tour even in the weekend.

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